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Thank you letter - Hurricane Marie Relief

General meeting and Elections to be held soon. Date to be announced

---- 2018 Events schedule will be available soon -----
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The Commonwealth of Dominica Association, Hamilton (CODAH) was formed 38 years ago to help our community. Over the years we have concentrated on doing just that, whilst saving some time to come together and enjoy ourselves at various functions and events.

Better Years Ahead

The last couple of years have had their share of sad and troublesome events. In 2015 Dominica was ravaged by Hurricane Erika causing extensive damage, and in 2016 locally we lost two of our long time members of the association. 2017 started with the loss of yet another founding member.
Then came Hurricane Maria with its massive destruction of the island.
What lies in store for 2018? no-one knows. Hopefully it will be smoother sailing.